Project description

In our day, e-commerce is getting widespread increasingly and in return, electronic payment comes out as an ideal alternative to the traditional payment systems.
In order to be able to offer the best payment options to your customers you need to contract more banks which makes it difficult to follow payment processes. Furthermore, ensuring the security of your customers’ critical information becomes a matter in itself.
Merchant Safe Unipay is an electronic payment solution which can be integrated with the virtual POS infrastructure of multiple banks and which can store the card data to ensure their use in the future payments.

Security of the credit card data
PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), the industry standard for card payments, introduces strict rules and serious sanctions for the storage of the sensitive data of the card holder. Using tokenization technology, Merchant Safe Unipay ensures that card data is stored in Asseco SEE’s PCI-DSS compatible, secure environment and also allows the re-use of the stored card data in the future shoppings. Thus, merchants can PCI-DSS-compatible with minimum investment and accept payments without touching the credit card data minimizes their responsibility for card data security and for possible frauds.

Integrated e-payment platform
Thanks to its integration with the payment gateways of all banks, Merchant Safe® Unipay allows you to manage your virtual POS infrastructure using a single interface. With flexible management interface, you can easily define new installment plans by setting their discount or interest rate and update them anytime you like.

Smart “switch” feature
The smart “switch” feature is designed to minimize the transaction costs of merchants who use different payment systems from different banks, where payments are directed to the virtual POS according to certain rules and priorities.

Customizable secure payment page
In line with your needs, your customers can complete their payments without feeling that they use a different payment tool by using the visually & functionally customizable secure payment page.

Implementation description

Technical information

  • J2EE Dynamic Web Project based on Spring Framework Core and
  • Product as a Service architecture
  • Oracle (and all other RDBMSs, since Hibernate is used as ORM technology)
  • SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 based API functionality
  • Web based User Interfaces
  • PCI Certificated secure environment
  • HTTP Secure usage (SSL)
  • User – Role – Permission based authentication on every action
  • Detailed auditing, and audit records reporting interfaces
  • Multilingual platform based on Spring Reloadable Resource Bundle MessageSource extension
  • Number, Date and Time formatting
  • User based localization available for Timezone
  • Platform independent product (Tested on Windows and Unix)
  • Default application container Apache Tomcat

Published on: October 26, 2015 7:33 pm

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